Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Ill Effects of Guns

As the day begins, a police officer wakes up to start another day at work. The police officer does not know that this will be the last time he will work as a police officer. On September 6, 2008, Martinez Police Department lost a Sergeant whom was killed on duty. Sergeant Starzyk, along with being a police officer, was a husband, father, son, and friend to many people. While responding to a call of domestic violence, Sergeant Starzyk was hit with bullets coming from the suspect. The Sergeant was fatally wounded along with the suspect, who took fire from other officers.

Domestic violence situations are unpredictable and make them dangerous. Recently, I read about the Nation’s efforts on gun control. Legislation has been passed to limit the amount of guns in circulation, and intervene from guns being in the possession of the wrong people. Availability of guns causes police officers to be in high danger. Would stricter gun control have prevented the death of Sergeant Starzyk? The suspect in the involved situation killed the Sergeant along with another female. Did the suspect legally possess his firearm that became the cause of the death of two people in the City of Martinez? Perhaps the gunman had retained his weapon illegally. Could the government have intervened further to prevent this situation from occurring? The United States has strict gun legislation, yet our officers work patrol with a gun attached to their hip, hoping that the person they encounter is not in possession of a weapon. Sergeant Starzyk was one, amongst many, that lost his life in the line of duty. Further government interventions may have prevented this tragic event. Sergeant Starzyk may have been able to return home to his wife and children that day, if the suspect had not been in possession of a firearm, which led to the death of a hero.

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Eagle said...

I would argue that having stricter gun laws will not lower the amount of officers killed by guns. It would only take firearms away from the people that respect the law. Many of the firearms that are involved with crime are illegal because they are unregistered and bought off the black market. I does not matter what the gun laws are criminals will still have guns.