Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Officer Safety

The tough economic times of today are cause for many problems occurring in American households. People are loosing their jobs and are resorting to government assistance to help with finances. Some are cutting back on expenses by turning off the phone bill, cable, and conserving costly energy. One may ask what the connection is between a financial crisis and officer shootings.

A husband and wife were in an argument and police were called to respond. The argument ensued because the wife turned off the internet connection to the house and the husband was outraged over the incident. The argument escalated to the point where items were thrown around the house, which led to officers responding to the domestic disturbance. Officer Madrigal from the California Highway Patrol was shot in the right knee when he responded to the call for service. Officer Madrigal is reported to be in serious condition.

Unfortunately, the tough economic times have led to disturbances in households. Emotions and stress over financial responsibilities are rising causing many people to act unnaturally. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the leading cause of death in the past ten years has resulted from gun shot wounds. As an officer, one must continue to be cognizant of proper officer safety. When responding to a disturbance call, or while making a routine traffic stop, one must be aware to take steps for proper officer safety. Officer Madrigal entered an unfortunate situation where the suspect had positioned firearms near every window in anticipation for officers to arrive. I am sure Officer Madrigal was practicing proper safety, but this situation goes to show that one must never become tranquil in regards to officer safety. The key point as a young, or veteran, officer is to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

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